La Cucaracha sung in Russian – Ла Кукарача песня спели на русском языке – La Cucaracha en ruso

Ла Кукарача на русском языке

Таракан, таракан
и вы не можете ходить;
потому что она не имеет, потому что она нуждается
курить марихуану.


Although everyone thinks that the song “La Cucaracha” is a Mexican song, it’s not completely true since its origins date back to the Spanish corridos, specifically is thought from Andalusia. The song with a different letter was used by the Spanish to sing against Moors, a way of mocking and ridiculing them although it is not known if that chorus comes from the Arab invasion the lyrics refers to it: Continue reading “La Cucaracha sung in Russian – Ла Кукарача песня спели на русском языке – La Cucaracha en ruso”

Protesters take the streets of Madrid against the investiture of Rajoy – Protestas en España por investidura de Rajoy

Manifestantes toman las calles de Madrid en protesta por la investidura de Rajoy

This Saturday in Spain, Parliament voted to approve acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s bid to form a new minority government, putting an end to the country’s 10-month political deadlock.

Rajoy, leader of the conservative Popular Party, won a second term as prime minister with a 170-111 vote and 68 abstentions.

During the vote and until the moment hundreds of Spaniards had beeing protesting against this act. Protesters marched through Madrid’s downtown streets carrying signs reading “No To The Mafia Coup.” They still stay out the parlament continuing protest.

Rajoy needed a majority in the 350-seat Parliament during a first confidence vote Thursday, but was rejected. He only needed more votes in favor than against during the second vote.